Potential derivatives

Money data-valuation potential derivatives

Do-g-phone shoul be Android

Personal creator of digital dollar with money processables data-valuation coming soon personalized by the Google's predictable do-g-phone, a derivative potential device.

Google's potential derivatives

Money data valuation is a potential Google offering for economic upgrade of human life. Coming soon by do-g-phone, Google's derivative cash-maker phone. The first AI smart phone to leverage computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.

Google's derivatives

Do-g-phone able for digital dollar creation

Predictable device for the practice of the money datevaluation with expected operational menu.

Monetary phone is able for the creation of personalized-digital-savings and should contain licence for formation on the quadripartite contribution for unified issuance of digital dollar, the UUS$$ US Fed - Universocial US dollar digital with 4 processables utilities :

1-monetary, 2-financial, 3-freedom and 4-webtamatic.

Solving from the personal right to shift the asset of your own money :

1. How to upgrade the money quality, keeping it in cash phase, allways free to spend and pay, to save or to invest ;

Decision one : Do start working on your money data-valuation :

Solution one :

a) Analize your money data asset ;

b) Make the inventory of all parts of your money data ;

c) Do search from what parts of your money you receive results ;

d) Sum the results of all parts of your money and do conciliate your economic practices implementing the money data-valuation.

2. How to increase results from your money to you get better economic performance :

Decision two : as time go, I do have to get production factors rending cash results day after day.

Solution two :

a) Do investigate for a safe and for ever free place with personalizable, enlargeable, energized and self markable space to act alone and in peace over your money . Take it (your production factor 001) and from there make you go cash.

b) Go to your marked space, record your actions, merge its time and found the accounting midle that should give you it instant value position and each time its useful for you ;

c) Do squize all parts of your money and use time as a commodity ;

d) Do automatize the achivement of all your actions and cashier the results with all tax payed.

3. Now, on depending wil of you, that of W3C, that of Google/Alphabet and that of US Admnistration/Fed, it is possible to give you your P.S.H. Personal Savings Helper app to you make much more money to solve all your needs and wants, starting your intervention on the issuance of the universocial digital dollar : the UUS$$ for you first if you are able enough.