The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation

Understanding thought relationships about the conjunctural birth of digital US$ 

Economic principles and foundations to support the launch of the digital US dollar by the Federal Reserve System :

To solve inflation and to treat the associated problem of the precipitous growth of the debt of the United States of America, it is necessary to give the Federal Reserve of the United States an acceptable ability recipe in order to be able to fix the interest rate, forever. 

This is only possible with the creation of a production structure whose objective is the organized production of interest in flow distributable by the economic agents that support this production in the cash phase, to receive the derived benefits with a more powerful attraction than that which the interest itself can have.

The data-valuation practice in the space internet dynamic relationship, as an economic action over the money histological body conduce to a germination of a virgin source for yielding wealth from where the agent to can extract capital gains without the investment risks.

The money data-valuation action would be an option for money guidance in which the work to make capital gains could be processable following an algorithmical basis open with selectable menu for the agent's personal satisfaction.

The money data-valuation practice, requires regulation from US Senate.

At WUW The Webcash Universocial Web we are proposing to Google and to the US Admnistration via The Fed, the launch of the US CBDC using a simple design that achieves merge the time as a commodity into the US dollar making it digital savings. 

Giving folks the ability to shift money into a personalized asset in form of a cell of cash production anchorized at The Fed   = it would became the US Fed's CBDC. 

For people this liberty to be able to shift the asset of the US dollars into the personalized asset of the US digital dollars (US Fed's CBDC), brings the  opportunity to make digital savings containing in it substance all the set of money's utilities : monetary part, financial part, spiritual part and taxmatic part.

The WUW would deliver by people requirement with identity inscription, the app P.S.H.- Personal Savings Helper running the WUW's algorithm by Google's Structure and producing the service able for money data-valuation in form of BPaaS-Business Process as a Service.

All the service is supplied as a free service. Our costs and the costs of our suppliers are with payed resource auto-generated.

Draft  as launch proposal of the "usafed-got-universocial.usdigital.dollar" for The Federal Reserve Board consideration

US CBDC is a new type of central bank money The US FED defined as the permanent and sucessive isuance of squencial production spaces into the Universocial Sovereign Anchor framed for enabing people's action to wealth extraction in the money data-valuation activity, by personal allocation of a monetary burden of US$10.- animated with identity and time data of creation giving birth to each UU$ (Universocial US$) being the US CBDC .

The universocial us dollar becomes a digital property Owndated Webquantum of it Fed's empowered creator, with a processable data set as a singular digital object which is energized, web dynamic feeded and with a growing trend of value as the time go for it financial part living in instant Bid & Ask at the market T.O.M. (The time Owned Market).

The universocial usa-fed-digital dollar UUS$$

The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation

US$ going into it digital tetraedrique structure

United States of America allows people for the creation of digital savings on  basis of allocation of central bank money on digital balances held by commercial banks at the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States goes further than CBDCs impulsing the creation of personalized digital savings as a new form of central bank money named Universocial United States Digital Dollar : the UUS$$. Money becoming processable in each one of it 4 parts :

UUS$$ has to be processable for folks monetary use ;

Let the monetary part of your money go in dynamic cash production to make day cash results.

UUS$$ has to be processable for folks financial use ;

Let the financial part of your money get capital gains and webcashmatic results every 24 hours at T.O.M. The Time Owned Market

 Does the US digital dollar expected will be similar to existing CBDCs ?  No, because it contains time on it body Google's processed.                                                                                          

UUS$$ has to be processable for folks aquitted tax freedom ;

Let the taxmatic part of your money pay all taxes for full general wellbeing

UUS$$  has to be processable for folks hapiness .

Let the "tagvaporator" menu of your PHS-Personal Savings Helper choice options for your capital permitted uses

[Vox populi] = [Vox US Administration]

And the Universocial US Digital Dollar could take this design

As defended by Ms Michelle Neal at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2022, Singapore, 4 November 2022 on Advances in digital currency experimentation :

"...A U.S. CBDC – a digital form of the U.S. dollar that is a direct liability of the Federal Reserve– has the potential to offer significant benefits. It could enable a payment system that is more efficient, provide a foundation for further technological innovation, and facilitate faster cross-border transactions. It could promote financial inclusion and equity by enabling access for a broad set of consumers and foster economic growth and stability. 

In order to fully realize benefits such as these, a digital dollar would need to be thoughtfully designed and implemented. 

A CBDC would need to protect against cyber and operational risks, safeguard the privacy of sensitive data, and minimize risks of illicit financial transactions.

 Additionally, one of the most important aspects in our deliberations is that any form of a CBDC in the future would need to be intermediated.

This means that the private sector would need to act as intermediaries in that system, and a direct account approach would not be contemplated."

Our design for the creation of a US digital dollar as here presented may receives agreement for implementation because it fullfils the requirements Integrables into Fed policy.